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Our new membership model was designed to provide patients with high quality primary, integrative, and personalized care.

Dr. Kligman has put years of experience into developing the AgeWell Plan, reflecting his vision, or re-invention, of the future of "personalized" primary care. The research behind this plan began in the 1980s with Project AgeWell, a five-year longitudinal study he directed at the University of Arizona, and sponsored by the Brookdale foundation. This study was one of the first of its kind in preventive geriatrics, showing that multiple risk factor reduction improved quality of life and reduced the number and dose of medications for chronic conditions. The results of the study lef to Elder-Camp and the Optimal Aging Program in the Life Enhancement Center, both at Canyon RanchFor complete details of the plan refer to the link below:

AgeWell Plan Information

AgeWell Agreement for Patients
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Reach your optimal health & vitality today!
Program is designed to support and 
enhance your state of the art primary 
care services.

The AgeWell Plan Cost is $500/year. This is in addition to deductibles or co-pays for office visits. A monthly payment plan is available. 

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