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Testimonials_One of the best ways to know how a doctor interacts with his or her patients is hearing from them. Below are comments from the past 6 months

"Thank you for being such a good human being as well as a very fine doctor."

"Our office visit this morning was "just what the doctor ordered." My Mother is doing very well under your care."

"I want to thank you for your excellent care for my husband and me over the last four years. You are such a compassionate and concerned physician. I so appreciate your wholistic approach to prevention and healing."

"Thank you for recommending a great orthopedic surgeon to me. You do send me to good doctors."

"I want to thank you for helping to manage my diabetes. I just passed my 5th anniversary since being dx'd with prostate cancer. I am especially grateful to you for catching it and guiding me to a great urologist."

"Thank you for the excellent care that you gave my father; he and we were blessed and honored.  Your expertise and kindness lengthened his life."

Our office encourages patients to complete a patient satisfaction survey after their visit with Dr. Kligman. Over the past 6 months, these random surveys measured our office environment, aspects of care, and whether the patient would recommend Dr. Kligman to a friend:

Scheduling appointments: 95% rates us very good or excellent
Office environment: 95% rate us very good or excellent
Office friendliness: 95% rate us very good or excellent
Wait time: 5-10 wait time at the most 

Comments made regarding the office:

Level of trust in Dr. Kligman: 100% rates him mostly yes or definitely yes               Helping patients understand their condition:100% rates him mostly or definitely yes
​Listening and answering questions:100% rates him mostly or definitely yes
​Time spent with patient: 95 % rates him most or definitely yes

​Comments made regarding Dr. Kligman:

Overall likellihood a patient would recommend him to family and friends: 100% mostly yes or definitely yes

Comments made from health professionals in training that have precepted with Dr. Kligman at our office:

"I learned alot from observing your interaction with your patients and how you put them at ease. It was also refreshing to see a doctor so open to alternative medicine."

"You are a wonderful teacher and it is clear to me how much you care about your patients. I also enjoyed how you incorporate an integrative medicine aspect into your practice."

"Your practice has demonstrated to me that the patient-doctor interaction, this exchange of vital information through human communication, is necessary for curing the patient. It has been fascinating to observe as you treat the patient as a whole and complex person."

"I enjoyed observing your technique of clinical care and the compassion and patience you demonstrate towards your patients. This experience has been invaluable to me."

Comments from physician colleague:

"Thank you so much for supporting my practice and keeping me as one of your consultants. Your style of practice certainly mentored me. It was a pleasure to work with you and support your practice."