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Learn healthy eating habits to slow down aging processes, and to prevent or minimize chronic 
health challenges.

Stress Management 
Incorporate stress reduction techniques such as meditation, qi gong, yoga, and breathwork to 
enhance a sense of inner peace and optimal health.

Functional Medicine
Assess, prevent, and treat complex chronic disease, and improve physiological, cognitive, 
& emotional functioning.

Botanical Medicine
Integrate botanicals, herbs, and supplements proven to enhance health and well-being.

Integrative Primary Care Services

Integrative Medicine 

values the benefits of modern medical science 
and also seeks the appropriate & effective
 use of complementary 
and alternative 
healing options.
Integrative Primary Care Services                                                                

Create a healthcare partnership that focuses on you reaching
your optimal health, not just treating your “dis-ease.”

* Low volume time intensive primary care practice empowering patients 45 and older to 
become an active participant in their healthcare process.

* Building healthcare partnerships and treating the whole person- body, mind, & spirit.

* Utilizing traditional family medicine in combination with complementary and alternative 
treatment modalities.

* In addition to state of the art allopathic care, the following approaches are integrated
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 Alternative Medicine 
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