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Dr. Kligman's
20 Tips to Optimal Aging
1. Daily Stress Reduction (meditation, yoga, deep breathing, etc.) at least 20 minutes twice a day (morning and evening).

2. Exercise at least 30 minutes every other day. Blend or alternate aerobics with strength training, stretching, flexibility, and agility exercises. Walk a dog daily even if you don't have one!
3.  Eat 8 to 10 small servings of fruits and vegetables daily and use organic foods whenever possible.

4.  Drink at least 8 - 8oz cups of water or herbal tea (especially green tea) daily to reduce exposure to toxins in your environment.

5.  Share your wisdom with family and friends, especially with young people. Practice spiritual eldering (saging).

6.  Create and heal spirit.

7.  Sleep at least 8 hours every day; take a minute everyday to do nothing, and if a very active person, one day a month to do nothing.

8.  Enjoy living - with meaning and purpose.

9.  Remain connected socially with family and friends.

10. Consider these daily antioxidants and supplements to complement a healthy diet.
a.  Vitamin C - 250-500 mg twice a day.
b.  Vitamin E - 400-800 units of natural, mixed tocopherols.
c.   Folic Acid - 1 mg, B6 - 100 mg, and B12- 100 IU
d.  Natural Selenium (from yeast) - 200 mcg.
e.  Calcium citrate 600 mg twice a day (includes dietary intake) with 
Vitamin D 800 units and Magnesium 500 mg.
f.  Omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oils - 1000 mg minimum.
g. Dark chocolate (has phytophenol antioxidants) 4 - 1/2 ounces.
h. Red wine or grape juice to raise HDL cholesterol.

 NOTE: (It is desirable to obtain these amounts if possible from a well-balanced diet; a daily high potency multi-vitamin may include all or most of these micronutrients.)

11.  Eat 2-3 servings of fish weekly (cold water fish such as wild Alaskan salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel have the highest amount of omega-3 essential fatty acids).

12.  Have 10 servings of cooked tomato paste or sauce weekly (with mono-unsaturated fats such as olive oil to improve absorption) for lycopene, an effective carotenoid antioxidant that may help prevent prostate and breast cancer.

13.  Floss your teeth daily.

14.  Take regular aspirin daily if you have no bleeding problems or allergies to aspirin.

15.  Stop smoking and using tobacco products.

16.  Drink no more than one alcoholic beverage daily if you are female; no more than two daily if you are male.

17.  Re-experience "childlike" qualities.

18. Maintain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance in your life with a relatively stable daily regimen.

19.  Celebrate your successes in life.

20.  Maintain optimism and a positive outlook.

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